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Iso-Alpha Brain Health

Iso-Alpha Brain Health

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  • See cognitive improvement in 30-60 days, or your money back!
  • The ONLY nootropic that is scientifically proven to stimulate the vagus nerve to remove brain fog, increase memory and focus, and improve your mood.
  • Backed by real science. Over 40 research studies validating effectiveness for improving memory, function, hand-eye coordination, and much much more.

Try It RIsk Free

Try it Risk Free with our "walk on hot coal" guarantee. If you're not willing to walk on hot coals to keep your bottle, send it back for a full refund within 90 days.

What's inside each bottle?

A 30 day supply of our ground breaking brain food! Each capsule contains 100mg of our bio-available Isohumulone extract and a patented Polyphenol complex giving your brain exactly what it needs to stay healthy as you age, improve cognitive function, reduce brain inflammation, and so much more.

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Beyond the Brain:

The iso alpha acids in hops aren't limited to the brain - over 40 medical studies cover a number of medical issues including

✔ Memory Processing
✔ Attention Control
✔ Verbal Skills
✔ Gratification
✔ Mental Endurance
✔ Cognitive Flexibility
✔ Perceptual Learning
✔ Executive Funtion

What's Inside

Inside each Iso Alpha bottle you will find a 30-day supply of brain fuel.
Our caffeine-free bioavailable formula swiftly targets receptors upon ingestion, triggering a hormone release that stimulates the Vagus Nerve – a crucial pathway in the body.

Hacking the Gut/ Brain Connection

  • Step 1: Gut

    The extremely bitter-tasting iso-alpha acids in iso-Alpha act on the Bitter Taste Receptors in the gut.

  • Step 2: Vagus Nerve

    The gut hormone CCK stimulates the vagus nerve - the connection between the gut and the brain.

  • Step 3: Brain

    The vagus nerve signals the brain to release more acetylcholine, norepinephrine, and dopamine.