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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine if Iso Alpha suits my needs?

Iso Alpha functions by activating the vagus nerve through bioavailable hops, enhancing cognitive fuel release.

What sets Iso Alpha apart from other products?

Most nootropics are botanicals that are destroyed in the stomach. Then, they travel in blood stream as proteins or nutrients, unlikely to actually benefit the brain as broken down components.

Iso-Alpha is made bioavailable, going into the stomach and reaching receptors immediately recognized by the body. From there, they cause a hormone release that affects the Vagus Nerve. This is a major nerve in the body.  It signals to the brain release three important chemicals that may improve your cognitive function.

1. Acetylcholine
2. Norepinephrine
3. Dopamine

When you take Iso-Alpha Brain Health you will see that your brain starts to function a bit better each day. This is not an instant recovery but over time (60 days is recommended) you will likely see memory, focus and function improve. 

How do I take Iso Alpha?

Take one capsule daily, preferably with a meal or water.

What does each bottle contain?

What are the contents of each pill?

Aren't there hops in beer?

When should I expect to see benefits?

What kind of benefits can I expect from taking Iso Alpha?

Is there a return policy if I'm unsatisfied?

90 Day "Brain Boost" Guarantee

Use iso-Alpha every day for 90 days - and if you don't notice an impressive lift in your cognitive abilities - we'll gladly refund what you paid for our products!

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What does each bottle contain?

Each bottle holds a 30-day supply of brain fuel.

What are the contents of each pill?

Each Iso Alpha soft gel contains 100 mg of Hops Isohumulone, alongside other ingredients such as polyglycerol esters of fatty acids, bovine gelatin, glycerin, purified water, and patented Hops Isohumulone.

Aren't there hops in beer?

Since iso-alpha acids (IAAs) are extracted from hops - the plant used to make beer - you're probably wondering if you can drink your way to enlightenment.

Well just so you know... In order to consume the 100mgs that are in a single capsule of iso-Alpha, you would have to down several six packs of the bitterest IPA beer.

Now, before you attempt that experiment - let me just tell you that we've already tried, and it definitely did NOT help us get more done at our desk. :-)

And before you try to order a big bulk sack of hops cones, you should know that eating hops doesn't work either.

That's why we've patented a new way to extract that IAAs hiding inside hop resin, and put them in a bioavailable capsule you take just once a day.

When should I expect to see benefits?

Unlike most nootropics that provide temporary effects, Iso Alpha offers lasting cognitive enhancements.
Significant improvements can typically be observed within 30 to 60 days.

What kind of benefits can I expect from taking Iso Alpha?

Iso Alpha, backed by over 40 scientific studies, enhances focus, mood, learning, motivation, creativity, memory, and more.

Is there a return policy if I'm unsatisfied?

You have a 60-day window to return the product for a refund, even if the bottle has been opened. We stand by our product's efficacy and offer a risk-free trial.